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Family Support

The Family Support Program assists social assistance recipients to make reasonable efforts to secure the child or spousal support to which they may be entitled.   Family Support is an income support program with legislative requirements to pursue available income*.


The Family Law Act states that every parent has an obligation to provide financial support for his/her dependent children.  The calculation of the amount of support can be determined by the courts or by agreement between parties with the Family Support Worker’s (FSW) involvement.  This is based on financial information and documentation provided by the payor and is in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines contained in the Uniform Federal and Provincial Child Support Guidelines Act, 1997.


Financial information of the payor is collected under the legal authority of the Ontario Works Act and it will be used to determine the payor’s eligibility for social assistance.  FSW’s have the authority to collect and disclose personal information for the purposes of assisting in legal proceedings for support as well as in the enforcement of agreements, orders and judgements relating to support in accordance with the Ontario Works Act, s.o. 1997, c.25, Sched.A, s59.


We strive to avoid unnecessary court time by encouraging Ontario Works participants to enter into private agreements with the payor.  Accordingly, if a participant anticipates their matter may be resolved without court action, we ask the payor to attend the appointment with the participant.  The payor will be required to bring their last three Income Tax Returns and Income Tax Assessments as well as their currency pay stub.


We ask that participants bring any existing support orders, divorce papers or separation agreements to their appointments.  If a participant is presently pursuing support through the courts and have retained a family law lawyer, the Family Support Worker will be come involved in the court application as a third party.  Accordingly, we ask that the participant bring the name, address, phone/fax number of their lawyer to the appointment.


The Family Support Program has been serving Prince Edward-Lennox and Addington Ontario Works participants since August 1999.


* Support income is deducted from the social assistance allowance.



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